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So what do you want to know about me? I'm a 10th grade student who now resides in Puerto Rico. I recently study in Saint John's School. I've also studied in Singapore and well, I enjoyed it. Total of 7 years have I studied in Singapore a country that is probably the safest a country can get. I studied in Chung Cheng High (main) there in Sinagpore. I'm 15 and well, I'm asian. Parents are business manangers and I help them some times. I NEVER had a girlfriend. Tried but I just failed....You wanna know how I failed, check the girls section.(that simply tells you indirectly what I believe in how you should date a girl and it didn't work for me.) I have like friends and all that but that's it, am considered dumb in school while I exceled in studies. I notice more about life then most people I know...that life is not always what it seems. There are the smart and there are the clueless. The loyal and the flirters.

So what is left? The people who learn from their life and in being the best....the smart way.


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