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Why do we need a girl companionship?

Why do we need girls anyway, besides to have children and all? Girls are just human like us that look good but why do we need them?

We need them  because of one reason...

they touch our soul

Girls have touched the soul of the man since the very begining of time. They were always there to comfort you when you were in sorrow. They are the driving force in some of our lives. They just have that magic power that men cannot provide. The power of love, affection and understanding.

Just think about it, a girl would probably explain to you life better than your best friend because it just happens. Her voice is usually affectionate and loving which inlike our voices that are hoarse. Girls usually sing better than men due to their great voices that touch us, humans alike. They have 'that' pitch in them that gives us that feeling for love and that has been going for ages.

Mistakes people make today

People nowadays influence the wrong affection the girls give to the man, there are even girls that just use there skill to flirt with man and later hurt their feelings which is probably very sad. This may be soo true but let's look at the other side of the situation. Not all girls are like that and well, you just have to be smart to notice that. Girls that hurt a guy's feelings or just play with them without caring is my definition of a slut.  A girl who cares and is true is my definition of a natural girl. And if there is a break up between relationships due to problems, let it be true and let both sides feel the pain for most importantly let there be a good reason. It happens all the time. But if a girl just considers this a game I might as well consider her a slut because the feelings of a human being aren't to be played with and I think many people will agree to that. This not only  goes to the girls but also to us boys. Girls also have feelings so respect them.

Will you consider.......

Will you consider a girl who said no to you when you asked her to be your girlfriend a slut? Probably not. Simply because she probably didn't play with your feelings and well maybe you were in a wild goose chase. You can never force a girl to like you. NEVER. If she says no, just treat it as a rejection that you chose the wrong person and that you should go to another girl. REMEBER this though, some girls are worth it while others are simply not.

Final word

Girl companionship is what makes life meaningful to people. Not having a girlfriend though does not mean that your life is not meningless. Having friends that are girls can also help in understanding more about love, life and the world. They are there not just to bore us babies, but to increase the interest and meaning that we have towards our very lives.

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