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So what is life as you know it?
impression among people
being the best

Life can't get any more better than this. Being teenagers is probably the hardest time in your life. The point of becoming a adult and leaving your childhood feelings behind. But what really happens when you become a teenager?

You try to act cool (which ain't anways cool)
you let fun blind you
Play with people's feelings as you probably don't care.
inexperience about certain subjects make you stupid and may lead to disaster
independence from your parents.
try to get noticed
the girl of your dreams
studies get serious

All these factors influence you some way or another. But what IS your real goal in life? This probably my goals

get a decent living earning real cash
get a good education
get married
get children to live with
get a good job that you like.

And just think about it, if you play around when you are a teenager all these goals are gone and you proabably end up in some horrible job that you dislike. Life can  be fun but think before you do anything stupid.

I probably think that the teenage years should be used for self discovery and not to have lots of fun until every thing just isn't clear to you anymore. Get friends and well, try to be reasonable with what you have and most of all study.



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