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Below is a record of Japanese Games in the US and their Cost.

National Sony Playstation Import Software Stock Listings from N to Z
Console Last Updated: May 23, 1997 National stock tracked daily..
Support Prices in this section supercede all other price listings from NCS on ad, paper or web
Title Description Publisher Status Price Rating
Namco Museum Vol. 1 Pac-Man, Rally-X, etc Namco USA only US$39 B
Namco Museum Vol. 2 Cutey Q, Mappy, a few others Namco In stock US$39 B
Namco Museum Vol. 3 Ms. Pac-Man, Dig Dig, etc Namco In stock US$49 B+
Namco Museum Vol. 4 Ordyne, Assault, 3 others Namco In stock US$49 B+
Namco Museum Vol. 5 Baraduke, Pac-Mania, etc Namco In stock US$59 B+
NBA Power Dunkers 2 Japanese version In the Zone 2 Konami In stock US$49 B+
Not Treasure Hunter 3-D detective adventure Acti Art In stock US$59 B+
Nupa Rotating field puzzle game Tomy In stock US$39 C+
O-Chan Oekaki Logic & artistic puzzle Sunsoft In stock US$29 C
Ode to the Sunset Era RPG/Strategy Sunsoft In stock US$59 B+
Ogre Battle Strategy, quest simulation Quest Sold out US$59 A
Overblood 3-D space adventure Riverhill In stock US$39 B
Pal - Shinken Densetsu RPG featuring a dog changeling Toei Video In stock US$68 B+
Parappa the Rappa Poorly drawn musical game Sony Sold out US$68 A
Pebble Beach Golf Smooth playing golf game E. Arts In stock US$29 B
Popolocrois Story Beautiful, sharp looking rpg Sony Sold out US$59 B+
Powerful Pro Baseball Cylindrical bodied players Konami In stock US$39 B
Pretty Sammy Tenchi Muyo spin-off Pioneer In stock US$59 B+
Prime Goal EX Strategy soccer game Namco In stock US$39 B
Princess Maker 3 Raise a very precocious little girl Sony Sold out US$68 A
Puyo Puyo 2 Jelly spheres in a puzzle setting Compile In stock US$49 B+
Puzzle Bobble 2 Shoot the colored jellies Taito In stock US$39 B+
Rage Racer Third in the Ridge series Namco In stock US$49 A-
Raiden DX Latest shooter in the Raiden series Seibu In stock US$59 B+
Ranma 1/2 Anime based 2-D fighting game Rumicsoft In stock US$68 B+
Ray Storm 3-D sequel to Ray Force Taito Sold out US$68 A+
Ray Tracers Racing sim [Chase HQ+] Taito Sold out US$68 B+
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2-D fighting game SNK Sold out US$68 B+
Return to Zork A text classic goes graphical Activision In stock US$39 B
Rockman 8 10th anniversary Rockman Capcom Sold out US$59 B+
Rockman X3 SNES Rockman port to PS Capcom In stock US$39 B
Running High Cybernetic human racing game Sacom In stock US$68 B
Rurou Ni Kenshin Anime based fighting game Sony Sold out US$68 A
Saburo Jinjugi Detective adventure Data East In stock US$68 A
Sailor Moon 2-D girl fighting Bandai Sold out US$68 C+
Samurai Shodown 3 2-D samurai fighting SNK In stock US$19 C+
Sangoku Musou 3-D fighting game Koei In stock US$68 A
SD Gundam GCentury Strategy game and shooter Bandai Sold out US$68 B+
SD Gundam Limited Special package w/ fold robot Bandai In stock US$78 B+
Slot Shooting Puzzle/shooting mix Shoeisha In stock US$49 B
Smash Court Fun, playable tennis game Namco In stock US$49 A-
Snatcher Konami's classic adventure Konami Sold out US$49 B+
Soul Edge 3-D fighting with swords Namco In stock US$49 A
Speed King High velocity futuristic racing Konami Sold out US$49 B+
Stahlfeder Vertical shooter Santos In stock US$49 B
Steeldom 3-D mech fighting game Technosoft In stock US$49 B
Street Fighter Zero 2 More street fighting Capcom In stock US$49 A
Striker 3-D soccer simulation Coconuts In stock US$39 B
Super Football Champ Soccer sim with great control Taito In stock US$59 A+
Super Technic Challenge Racing simulation MQuest In stock US$59 B+
Takuramakein Assorted puzzle games Patra In stock US$59 B
Tan Eoz 3-D shooter Atlus Sold out US$68 B
Tetris Plus Updated and latest Tetris Jaleco In stock US$29 B
Thunderstrike/RoadBlast 2 disc set, interactive movies Taito Sold out US$49 C+
Time Crisis w/ Guncon Arcade gun shooter w/ hide move Namco 06/27/97 US$88 N/A
Time Gal/Ninja Hayate 2 disc set, interactive movies Taito In stock US$49 C+
Tobal No. 1 3-D fighting game w/ preview Square In stock US$49 B+
Tobal No. 2 3-D fighting & RPG mode Square Sold out US$68 A
Tokimeki Private Coll. Tokimeki Memorial data disc Konami In stock US$39 A
Tokyo Insect Zoo Anime interactive game GE In stock US$49 B
Top Golf Plus Golf simulation Softbank In stock US$59 A
Topolo Build & test 3-D constructs Artdink In stock US$59 B+
Toshinden 3 3-D fighting game Takara In stock US$59 B+
Toukon Retsuden 2 The best wrestling game ever Tomy Sold out US$68 A+
True Love Story School dating simulation Atlus Sold out US$68 B+
Twinbee Yahho Deluxe Comical vertical shooter Konami In stock US$49 B+
Two-Tenkaku Vertical shooter Club Dep In stock US$49 B-
Ugetsu Kitan Flick screen horror game Shoseki In stock US$39 B
Vampire Darkstalkers 2-D fighting game Capcom In stock US$49 B
Vandal Hearts Isometric view adventure Konami In stock US$49 A-
Velldeselba RPG with flight simulator engine Sony In stock US$68 A
V-Spike 3-D volleyball game Imagineer In stock US$49 B
V-Tennis 2 3-D tennis with motion capture Shoseki In stock US$59 B+
Voice Paradise Interactive simulation Kodansha In stock US$59 B+
Welcome House 3-D comical adventure Gust Co. In stock US$39 B
Welcome House 2 More of the same hi-jinx Gust Co. In stock US$59 B+
Wild Arms RPG with 3-D battle scenes Sony In stock US$49 A
Wild, Pure, Simple Life Caveman life adventure Artdink In stock US$59 A-
Wing Over Flight combat simulator Pack-in Sold out US$59 B+
Wizardry VII 3-D adventure game Solitan In stock US$49 B+
Wolf Fang Mech side scroll platform game Xing In stock US$49 B+
World Soccer Win'g 11 International league soccer Konami In stock US$49 B+
World Stadium EX Baseball w/ excellent gameplay Namco In stock US$39 A-
Xevious 3D/G+ Updated 3D verson of a classic Namco In stock US$59 B+
ZXE-D Deluxe fighting package Bandai Sold out US$195 B+
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