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Hi welcome to Edmund's study on life..........

So what do YOU know about life?

I have witnessed many happening things in my in two cultures sure does it...These accounts that I address here in this web site are mostly from me (a 15 year old) stuck with no girlfriend and never had a real kiss. You probably think I am a loser but hey i noticed this happens a lot to many people.....especially nice guys. I dedicate this site to the guys out there who just find it hard to get a girl. No matter for what. Like I always's a drag.

We will discuss probably on the following subjects

girls(I'm a guy)
How do you get a girls.(I don't know but I can tell you some things that just DON'T work and so you'll be prepared.)
Why study and why it's important
Studying overboard and it's dis-advantages
The true way life should be
Does it have to do with his race?

Why do I want to do this page?

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Sex Male
Race Chinese

The reasons I decided to make this web page is like many. Most important is probably due to my school and my enviroment. Girls in my school are VERY different from me. I try to be nice but they ignore. Another reason is because I've actually seen two cultures....Singaporean and American. Two different cultures that really changed my life. Another reason as I said in the beginning is to help guys and well maybe also girls who just don't understand and maybe well, the world.

I hope you people understand the true world.


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