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The best link page to Playstation Sites and desktop themes of Final Fantasy!

The Links below are a few which I have, if you have any others, please e-mail me


Magazines online

Go to "Electronic Gaming Monthly"
Go to "Gamepro"
Go to "Phosphors Magazine (Japanese)"
Go to "Ultra Game Player's Magazine"
Go to "PSM Magazine. 100% independent Playstation Magazine"
Go to "Next Generation Magazine" The no 1 Computer and Game Authority

Some only Playstation Gaming Sites

Go to "Psxnation" A nicely designed site with many reviews.
Go to "Psx Fan Central" A Good site with great use of javascript, and votes are cool.

Some Gaming Sites( Some are not for Playstation but just internet gaming

Go to "Videogamespot" Tons of reviews here
Go to "The Zone" Play lots of internet games here, FREE!

Go to "Mplayer" Another Multiplayer Gaming zone in the internet.

Go to "Game FAQs"
Go to "Electronic Gaming Monthly"
Go to "Strategy Central" It has strategies, walkthroughs, and cheats for the games. It even has downloads for the games. Starcraft clan.

Final Fantasy Theme for Win 95 desk top

Go to "Serpent's download" One of my favorite themes for the desktop are available here.

Battle Arena Toshinden theme, Street Fighter, Dragon Balll, Fatal Fury, Gundam,Samurai Showdown and Macross themes are also available in this site.

Go to "Serpent's download"

Some import on-line stores

Go to "Buyrite" Aplace that sells at wholesale prices
Go to "The rage " This store has a lot to offer
Go to "Ca Games" A on-line store from Europe, Scotland, Glasgow
Go to "Electronic Boutique" A good USA company to buy games. No imports available
Go to "Playstation Pro Shop" Agood sale Site, Too bad it's for HK and Macau customers only.
Go to "Software First" Nicely priced and framed site
Go to "CMS Company" Not many Choices,. Selling used games
Go to "Intertain Shopping Center" Sells games from Europe and Japan, USA. UK based.
Go to "Gamecave" Sells lots of imports and Game musicCD's like of Final Fantasy.
Go to "Tommo" An International Company
Go to "Low Buys" Sells at low prices, U.S games only. U.S. company

Gaming Companies

Go to "Sony" The people who started the greatest system
Go to "Squaresoft" The company that brought Final Fantasy 7 and Tobal 2-- Good Site
Go to "Acclaim"
Go to "Namco" The company which brought Ace Combat 2 and Time Crisis
Go to "Capcom" The company that brought you Street Fighter and Megaman and not to forget, Resident Evil
Go to "Electronic Arts" The company that brought you Nuclear Strike.
Go to "Psygnosis" Brought you Wipeout XL, and Colony Wars
Go to "Midway" The company that brought Mortal Kombat
Go to "Westwood" Brought you Comand and Conquer: Red Alert
Go to "Lucasarts" Brought you Star wars: Masters of Teras Kasi

Here are some search engines

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