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The best that the media has to offer......

Here are a list of the best magazines that exist today and their web sites. (If you think thier are others magazines that I missed (of course), e-mail me and tell me.


Go to "Electronic Gaming Monthly " A good magazine with everything. Just changed it's look, but not its quality. It still offers good reviews and of course good sneak previews and up-coming hardware from companies.

EGM 2 A good magazine by the producers of EGM. It concentrates more on cheats and game guides and codes. Definitelyn have to give it a go.
Go to "Gamepro" A great magazine that really offers a lot. Look out for this Magazine.

Go to "Next-Generation" The no 1 Gaming Authority, this magazine doesn't talk much on reviews but it has tons of information on gaming status and new technology for games.

Go to "Pcgamer" Not a Playstation Magazine but offers a lot on Games on the PC.
Go to "Ultra Game Players" A good Magazine Charts up all the games they review and stacks them together for easier comparing.

Go to "PSM Magazine. 100% independent Playstation Magazine" Has a good online site with everything in it. Th magazine covers are good too. Has this great section on Japan Import games.

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