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Hello, My names Edmund Fong and I made these Web pages. I am 15 yrs old and I am turning 16 on April 16. I am a chinese who studied in Singapore before I settled in Puerto Rico. I was borned in Tennesse and raised in Puerto Rico for 7 yrs before finaly going to Singapore for another 7 yrs. I used to live in Singapore at Pasir Ris. I studied in Red Swastika and at Chung Cheng High School. I live in San juan, Puerto Rico now and I study in Saint John's School in Condado.I am a high School student just trying out my work on how to make web pages. This can be said to be my biggest web page and one of my biggest projects online ever. I am a great fan of Playstation and I hope that Playstation 2 will come out soon. I hope you like these pages and hope you enjoyed yourself. Please e-mail me for any questions.

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