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Below is a list of Prices that Japan Games have in The U.S.A

National Sony Playstation Import Software Stock Listings from 3 to M
Console Last Updated: May 23, 1997 National stock tracked daily..
Support New items and restock are added constantly; check back often for additions on new releases and restock
Prices in this section supercede all other price listings from NCS on ad, paper, or web
Title Description Publisher Status Price Rating
3-D Shooting Tsuukoru Design your own 3-D shooter Atlus In stock US$59 B+
Ace Combat Combat flight simulator; Best series Namco In stock US$39 B+
Ace Combat 2 Great looking sequel due next week Namco 05/27/97 US$68 N/A
Actua Soccer 3-D polygon based soccer Naxat In stock US$19 B+
Advanced Variable Geo 2-D female fighting game TGL Sold out US$59 B
Air Land Battle Hexagonal war simulation Sony In stock US$49 B
Alice in Cyberland Strategy, simulation hodge-podge Glams Sold out US$68 B
Alundra Role playing game w/ detailed gfx Sony In stock US$68 B+
Angelique Special Strategy simulation; rule the world Koei In stock US$59 B-
Arc the Lad 2 Detailed role playing game Sony In stock US$68 B+
Asuka 120% Excellent Sequel to last year's fighting game Famsoft In stock US$68 C+
Aubird Force Deep space strategy simulation Bandai In stock US$59 A-
Ayrton Senna Kart Duel Go Kart racing with Ayrton Gaps In stock US$49 B
Bastard!! Anime based strategy-action sim Bastard Sold out US$68 B+
Black 13 Flick screen horror simulation Shoseki Sold out US$39 B
Blockids Similar to Arkanoid, use w/ knob Athena In stock US$59 B
Blood Factory Japanese version of Loaded Interplay In stock US$49 B
Bloody Bride You're a vampire looking for love Atlus In stock US$59 B+
Blue Forest Story Zelda-like role playing game Rightstuff In stock US$59 B+
Bushido Blade Fighting game w/ strategy Square Sold out US$68 A
Chatting Parodius Forever with Me; shooter Konami In stock US$59 B+
Cho Aniki R-Rated shooter (Big Brother) Masaya In stock US$49 B
Choro Q v1.02 Stunted looking car racing game Takara In stock US$29 B
Choro Q v2.0 Stunted car racing sequel Takara In stock US$49 B+
Choro Q v1.02 & v2.0 Both volumes in 1 NCS package Takara In stock US$68 B+
Clockworks Puzzle game involving time pieces Spectrum In stock US$39 B
Cool Boarders Shred snow and perform aerials UEP In stock US$49 A
Cool Skunk Platform game with pungence Visit In stock US$39 B+
Cyber War PC port; 3-disc strategy/interaction Coconuts In stock US$49 B-
Cybersled Large mech-vehicles one on one Namco In stock US$39 C-
Daibouken Deluxe Naval based rpg with strategy Soft Office Sold out US$68 B+
Daisenryaku Players Spirit Strategy/war sim with cinemas Oz Club In stock US$39 B+
Darius Gaiden Updated version - arcade shooter Taito In stock US$49 B+
Deadheat Road Rough racing simulation Nichibuts In stock US$49 B
Deep Sea Adventure 3-D rendered action/adventure Sony In stock US$68 B+
Dejikuro Flip panel, language puzzle game Atlus In stock US$49 B
Doraemon Educational game for kids Epoch In stock US$49 C+
Doraemon 2 Platform action w/ beloved blue cat Epoch In stock US$60 B+
Dracula X Platform action with vampire hunter Konami Sold out US$68 A+
Dragonball Z Legends Pseudo 3-D frenetic fighting game Bandai Sold out US$68 B
Dragon Knight IV Animated fantasy RPG Banpresto In stock US$68 A
Dungeon Creator Create your own 3-D RPG E. Arts In stock US$59 B
DX Nippon Ryoukou Steeplechase game set in Japan Takara In stock US$59 B+
Extreme Power 3-D mech fighting game Profere In stock US$39 B-
F1 GP Nippon Formula racing game Oz Club In stock US$49 B+
Fighters Impact 3-D fighting with chain combos Taito Sold out US$68 A-
Fighting Illusion 3-D kick-boxing Xing In stock US$49 B+
Final Fantasy IV A classic SFC game goes PS Square In stock US$59 A-
Final Fantasy VII 3 disc mega role playing adventure Square In stock US$68 A+
Final Fantasy Tactics Strategy game set in the F.F world Square 06/13/97 US$68 N/A
Floating Runner 3-D platform action Xing In stock US$49 B+
Fujimaru Jigokuren Strategy-adventure RPG Sony In stock US$49 B
Gakko No Kowai Uwawa FMV animated adventure Capcom In stock US$39 B
Galaxian 3 FMV shooter, similar to Starblade Namco Sold out US$29 B-
Ganbare Goemon Platform action & side games Konami In stock US$49 B+
Graduation Real Live action school simulation Emotion In stock US$39 B
Gradius Deluxe Pack Gradius 1 & 2 Konami In stock US$49 B+
Ground Stroke 3-D tennis game SPS In stock US$19 C+
GT Racing Racing simulation In stock US$39 B-
Gundam 0079 3-D missions, fighting and cinemas Bandai In stock US$78 B+
Gundam v1.0 3-D missions and gun fighting Bandai In stock US$39 B
Gundam v2.0 Limited Deluxe package w/ trading cards Bandai Sold out US$78 B+
Hard Rock Cab 3-D driving, gettting into trouble Asmik In stock US$39 B
Heroine Dream Dating simulation with teenagers Banpresto In stock US$59 B+
Hunter Lime Vol. 2 Interactive social simulation Asmik Sold out US$49 B+
Hyper Formation Soccer Strategic soccer game Human In stock US$29 B
Hyper Olympics '96 Olympics tie-in (Track&Field) Konami In stock US$29 B+
Irem Arcade Classics Yie Ar Kung Fu, 10-Yard Fight Irem Sold out US$49 B
J-League Winning Eleven The first soccer game for the PS Konami In stock US$29 B+
J-League Soccer '97 Latest version of the classic Konami In stock US$68 A+
J-League Virtual Stadium Japanese version of Fifa Soccer E. Arts In stock US$39 B
Jajamaru-Kun 3-D ninja platformer Jaleco In stock US$68 B+
Jumping Flash 2 3-D platformer; includes JFlash#1 Sony In stock US$49 B+
Kid Klown in Crazy Chase Arcade quality isometric platformer Kemco In stock US$59 B+
Kileak the Blood 2 3-D dungeon exploration Genki In stock US$29 B
King of Fighters '95 2-D fighting game with SNK cast SNK In stock US$39 B+
Kings Field 2 3-D adventure/role playing From In stock US$29 B+
Kings Field 3 3-D adventure in a wider scope From In stock US$39 B+
Kowloon's Gate Futuristic adventure; 4 discs Sony In stock US$80 A
Lightning Legend No Bokan 3-D fighting game w/ anime cast Konami Sold out US$68 B+
M ~kimi wo tsutaete~ School dating simulation Nexus In stock US$68 B
Macross: Digital Mission 3-D mech flying/shooting sim Bigwest Sold out US$68 A-
Magic Beast Warriors Rendered 2-D fighting Allumer Sold out US$39 B
Magical Hoppers Japanese version of Pandemonium Crystal In stock US$59 B+
Mahjong 2 Taikai Play MJ with many characters Koei In stock US$68 B+
Makeruna Makendo Colorful, cartoony fighting game Datam Sold out US$59 B+
Megatudo 2096 3-D run 'n gun fighting game Bandai In stock US$49 B
Memories of Summer '96 Sea exploration & information game Artdink In stock US$49 B+
Meru Purana Fantasy strategy simulation OZT In stock US$39 B
Metal Jacket 3-D exploration, mech fighting In stock US$39 B
Metro Highway Battle R Driving game with upgrade options Genki In stock US$68 B+
Motor Toon GP 2 Wacky racing; two discs for link Sony In stock US$49 B+
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